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Functional Fascia Therapy

This type of therapy is relatively painless and targets the fascia directly. It can be a game changer when combined with acupuncture or other therapies.


Zhonghua Fu, PhD, invented a technique which inserts needles under the skin into the fascia.  The technique is different than traditional acupuncture as the needle is inserted more superficially.  Only one specific needle is used at a time, and it is gently swept side to side to stimulate and release the fascia. 

The technique is used to reduce tightness in the myofascial system. The theory behind the response is that the collagen in the fascia is the most abundant in the subcutaneous layer of the body, and targeting this layer stimulates more change and movement in connective tissues. Its effect can be immediate, increasing mobility by lengthening your myofascial system.


Dr. Sandoval finds that this technique is most effective when paired with acupuncture or cupping. It is a great catalyst for recovering from persistent musculoskeletal restriction. This aids in increased mobility, and alleviating pain. 

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